TOA Sound System Products in Saudi Arabia

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What is TOA Sound System?

TOA Corporation is a big producer of PA systems, professional sound systems and commercial communications systems.

With their motto “Smiles for the Public”, TOA designs and manufactures sound and security systems for all walks of life. Where for daily use, corporate purposes, public services or disaster prevention, TOA sound department has designed multitudes of products that help people out tremendously.

 Why use TOA Sound products?



TOA features a long reputation of providing people with proper sound systems for all their uses. Their high-quality products are protected their installation and regular maintenance schedules which ensures these products continue their full functionality through their lifespan.


TOA keeps an eye fixed out for the future, constantly developing new and advanced products for subsequent generation. Use of latest materials instead of the traditional to scale back wastage and improve efficiency and performance is often being tested.


TOA’s production system is very efficient, outputting high-quality products. Their production line consists of various workstations, comprised of several workers each, which completes the whole assembly process of their designated product.


TOA features a complete line-up of PA and professional sound systems. These include microphones, amplifiers, speakers, megaphones, background music facilities, emergency & general purpose PA systems, automatic announcement systems, conference systems, etc. (TOA Sound System)


They also provide digital mixing systems, and stage and theater sound systems. TOA does full installation of those products also consistent with the customers’ needs. Whether it’s for household use or for an enormous public venue, TOA ensures proper functionality of their products.


Trains in Washington D.C., U.S.A. use TOA products also . TOA has provided excellent and reliable sound and PA systems everywhere the planet for many years , and it continues to carry on to its reputation through consistency within the product quality and performance. The adaptability and variety of their products make TOA a go-to for all purposes of sound and PA systems.

Unifiedway introduced toa sound products in KSA . Contact US and allow us to know your requirements or request price quote. (TOA Sound System)

TOA Products

PA Amplifier

electronic sound amplifier and distributor which can be used to make announcements in places

Ceiling Speaker

We are providing Integrated with a resin panel and speaker frame spring clamp mechanism

Wall Mount Speakers

TOA Wall mount Speaker can be installed easily on the wall with help of the plug-in mount speaker receptacle


 slim, high-quality,  microphones designed for use in conference rooms, lecture halls, and paging applications

Horn Speaker

Stainless steel brackets and hardware, and powder-coated horn. Also Shock-resistant aluminium oval horn

Conference System

conference System is ideal for conferences and meetings in government, corporate, educational and hotel 


Megaphone can be easily carried by a single hand. Handle and microphone with anti-bacteria treatment improve hygiene and safety

Portable Meeting Amplifier

Compact and lightweight portable amplifiers with built-in speakers for voice reinforcement and low-level music playback

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