Smart home automation system  

Smart home automation devices connect appliances, switches, and gadgets to a central hub, enabling you to control those devices in secure and convenient ways.

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What is Smart Home

Smart house is a simple to use and install wireless home network. Multiple devices hook up with the web through a main device and structure your smart home.

smart home and home automation

Monitor and control your home

Smart Home enables users to regulate and monitor their homes through the Smartphone application for Smart Home, which offers many control and automation features.

Smart Home helps users control home

appliances (lighting devices, air con units, home appliances, etc.) and allows users to manage energy source. Smart Home users can make sure the proper functioning of home appliances consistent with their needs nothing less or more.


smart home and home automation
Smart Home Unifiedway it solution in Saudi Arabia

Enhance your home safety

Smart Home also allows users to reinforce home safety through sensors connected to home appliances and alarm devices that send direct notifications to your smartphone. `


  1. Controlling quite one home on an equivalent account.
  2. Connecting the geolocation of the user to a command.
  3. Connecting environmental indicators to a command.
  4. Dividing your home into sections and managing section by section consistent with the user’s benefit.
  5. The Smart Home app distinguishes itself from other products by providing different sensors that are wont to automate devices and enhance home safety through specialized commands for various scenarios.
  6. In addition, Smart Home offers multiple lighting control features that any technician, or person with basic electrical knowledge, can easily install and use. Regular lighting switches are replaced with Smart Home switches without rewiring, allowing users to simply control lighting levels. All sensors are powered by an energy-sensitive battery for a period longer than a year (depending on usage).


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