Ruckus Wireless Solutions

Medium And Small Business Wireless Solutions That Work. Every day more and more corporate offices need wireless service that is strong, and most of all–smart  That means better coverage, higher capacity, and guaranteed reliability. Ruckus Wireless solutions offer all the benefits of a high-end corporate WLAN in a slimmer, simpler, and more affordable system

What Are Your Wireless Business Network Needs


Easy Setup & Configuration

Does your business require a wireless network solution designed to simplify how setup, configuration & maintenance is done?


Safe Network Access

Do you need a wireless network solution that is equipped with special security measures to keep users & their data safe?


Scenario-Specific Solutions

In need of a wireless network solution that is custom-tailored to the specific requirements of your Wi-Fi projects?


Responsive Technical Support

Want your wireless network solutions to be backed up by a devoted tech support team in case of questions & troubleshooting?

Wireless Solutions Designed with Small & Medium Businesses in Mind

Small Business

Office Spaces



Personal Services


Ruckus Small Business Wireless Network Solutions

With the ZoneFlex  adaptive Smart WLAN system from Ruckus, businesses can enjoy ultimate power and effortless simplicity at once.

“Effortless everything” means that ZoneFlex™ is pluggable, able to mesh, easy to install, configure, or scale. Less fiddling, more using.
A genius kind of WiFi means you have the benefit of automatic everything: optimum signal path selection, interference avoidance, and RF coordination, so that no matter how many times you rearrange the office, your WiFi will work the same.
Bang for your buck! Offices get all the functionality (and then some) of high-end systems like Cisco and Aruba with fewer access points and less management needed. That means affordable prices.

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