Plantronics Telephone Headset – Poly Headsets

Are you using Poly (Polycom) phones? Pairing the right VoIP headset with your Polycom VoIP phone is an important factor to enable clear communications. Let’s check out some of the best Poly (Polycom) compatible headsets on the market.

Plantronics Telephone Headset – Poly Headsets

Plantronics Headsets can help manage multiple modes of communications. Whether it’s office phones, call centre Phones, smartphone, and softphone services, like Skype or Google Voice. Wireless headsets enable you to urge up from your desk and move freely throughout the office and remain on a call once you got to locate a file, devour something from the printer, ask a colleague, find a more private location or maybe grab a cup of coffee. During a training session, you’ll get up and stretch and never miss a training beat. Plantronics headsets are designed to scale back noise distractions and help your business team specialise in work.

Choosing the right Plantronics headset

Choosing the proper headset always tricky. Here are some ofthe essential questions once you choose the proper telephone headset for your small business needs

  • What audio communications devices does one and your employees use? does one use desk phones, smartphones, softphones or a combination? If you simply use your telephone , does one also do training online or attend webinars that need audio? These sorts of questions will determine if you would like a flexible headset that you simply can use with several devices – one that works together with your telephone or your computer or smartphone – or a typical one-device headset.?


  • Do you need a corded or wireless headset: does one or your agents or employees got to access files that are faraway from your desk during a call; or are you sometimes sitting at your desk for the duration of the call?
  • Do you have an open office environment? Your environment can influence the type of headset you select . do youadd private offices, open spaces or cubicles? If you work in cubicles, how high or low are the walls ? In an open office environment, you’ll need a stereo over-the-head headset versus a speakerphone, which is best suited toa private office

Plantronics Call center Headset

Just like most other headsets in KSA , call centre headsets offer variety of wearing styles also as wired and wireless technology support. you’ll go for the standard headband that wraps around your head, but you’ll also find headsets with a neckband that goes well behind your neck. you’ll even prefer to have a call centre headset for only one ear that sits directly on it.

For the decision center, you’ll choose either a Mono [ One-Sided ] or a Stereo [ 2 Sided] Headset depend on your agent’s comfort zone. If you’re employed during a relatively quiet call centre , a basic headset may do exactly fine. On the opposite hand, if your call centre is busy and loud, you’ll got to choose Plantronics noise cancellation that you and therefore the caller can hear one another better

What we offer in Plantronics Headsets

Unifiedway offers a complete portfolio of Plantronics headsets in ksa. Whether it is office telephone headsets, Call center Headsets or Headsets for personal use we have the solution from Plantronics. We offer Plantronics headsets for all the KSA . Contact us today to get more details.

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