Mitel Collaboration

Collaboration software enables employees to remain fluid and connected, so they can share information with those who matter via voice, video and instant messaging.


mitel collebration

Mitel Collaberation : One Solution for IM, Telephony and Video Meetings

Connect with your team and people across your organisation with Mitel Collaberation . It is an all-in-one solution for instant messenger, telephony and video meetings.

  • Integration with Outlook
  • Status updates for a clearer picture
  • Put across ideas quickly and notify your team of any issues
  • Safe and secure during multi-party calls
  • Flexible deployment options


Decrease email

Real-time communications means real-time answers that can reduce email by an average of 40 percent

Increase productivity

Less time wasted trying to connect with others means more time spent in productive collaboration and innovation.

Save money

Lower travel expenses and less employee transit time improves your bottom line.

Build strong relationship

Build stronger bonds with more personal communications among employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Connect anywhere

good collaboration experience is one that employees can take with them so work can get done anywhere, any time, over any device.

Single choesive expereince

Consolidate all your communications channels in one experience (and one login) that’s mirrored across your devices.

Mitel MiCollaberation Software

Mitel MiCollab Client provides real-time access to everyone in the organisation, on or off the premises, with voice, video calling, instant messaging, and audio and Web conferencing.


Mitel MiTeam Collaboration Software

MiTeam is a workstream communications and collaboration (WCC) tool that provides a highly collaborative workspace for team-based meetings, conversations, and content collaboration.

Mitel MiTeam Video Meetings

MiTeam Video Meetings is a cloud-based multi-party video solution designed to bring teams together inside a permanent virtual workspace that allows for enhanced communication through face to face interactions to make meetings more productive so everyone can get work done.

Mitel and Microsoft Teams Integration

Call2Teams, recognized by Mitel and Microsoft, is being used globally to facilitate effective homeworking. Give your employees the ability to deploy company phone system access through using Microsoft Teams in minutes to deliver essential business continuity and customer contact.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

4Sight Communications is partnering with market-leading organisations to bring you Microsoft Teams – Direct Routing. Many businesses utilising Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration can now benefit from the ability to make and receive calls by enabling Teams as a full cloud-based UC solution with enterprise-grade telephony.

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