GRM System

provides an innovative and efficient way to control the lighting, heating/cooling, curtains, TV, Music System, Radio and hotel guest services through intuitive buttons or touch screen/panel interfaces.

guest room management system

Guest rooms are unoccupied 70% of the time, yet account for 40-80% of hotel energy consumption. While enjoying their rooms, guests expect a personalized, connected, intuitive digital experience. They want comfort, convenience, and control. How do you balance the need to cut costs with ever-increasing guest expectations? so Unifiedway designed and developed automation solutions for hotels a full solutions Guest room management system ready to manage rooms and services, increase the comfort of the guests and convey a true added value for everybody

Guest room management system in saudi arabia

What is the Guest Room Management System

The GRMS (Guest Room Management System) is that the automation system of the bedroom  It manages information sent by the commands, allowing to work many functions :

  • Light management (ON/OFF or dimmer)
  • Openings (curtains, rolling shutters then on)
  • Launch ambiance and luxury scenes
  • Manage services as “Do Not Disturb” (DND) or “Make Up Room” (MUR)
  • Presence/absence of the guest within the room
  • Communication with third-party systems as supervisors, access controls, PMS, Smartphones/tablets, TV then on
GRMS in Saudi Arabia

Benefits of Hotel Guest Room Energy Management Systems

Continually satisfy the needs and expectations of guests in their rooms. They will control lighting and temperature with easy-to-use control panels. Your guests will connect and use their equipment in their rooms

Enables the hotel to efficiently manage guest room energy consumption and drive their vision of the optimal in room experience generating greater guest satisfaction

Warn you and your guests of any risk in the hotel (fire, flood, smoke, gas).

Funcations  of GRMS Solution

 Guest room management system integrates with building management, property management and 3rd party systems to provide a holistic view of each guest room in your hotel.


Monitoring and control of the hotel’s facilities locally and/or remotely.


Facilitate reports and historical graphs for hotel administration and management decision-making.


Early detection of incidents and alarms to improve maintenance of hotel facilities.


Configuration of air conditioning, lighting, and HVAC system parameters according to client comfort and desired energy savings


Multi-language, planography, and scheme of facilities.

A Real Added Value For Hotel  Guests and Managers

When the GRMS is linked to the PMS, the system can save the habits of a customer. Next time he involves an equivalent hotel, his favorites scenes are automatically launched. If it’s a replacement customer, an outlined “Welcome” scene are often launched

The maintenance staff badges are often set to launch a fanatical scene to facilitate their work (turn on all the lights to their maximum for a far better cleaning comfort, block all commands so as to wash without launching them, open the curtains, then on)

Turn the TV ON to broadcast a welcome message, or turn the TV OFF after a specified period if a “Sleep” scene is launched

How Guest Room Management System Works

Customer arrives within the lobby of his hotel. At the reception, he’s given the keycard for his room. within the meantime, the receptionist activates the entry door of the space on the pc to open it because of the HRC software. The customer plugs his keycard within the keycard reader to automatically turn the lights on and therefore the HVAC, assail 28°C, decrease to 21°C. At an equivalent time, at the reception, they will watch in real time the state of the room: the temperature decrease, the lights turning on,

The customer is now performing on the desk where some equipment is integrated as USB, HDMI, RCA and RJ45 plugs.

How Guest Room Management System Works
How Guest Room Management System Works

He also features a command panel where he can launch by an easy click a scenario. Here, he chooses to line the “Work mode”: the desk lamp activates and other lamps of the space are dimmed

This is now bedtime and our customer is reading. He activates a replacement scenario on the console panel near his bed to automatically close up all the lamps excepted those round the bed. Then, he pushes the “Do not disturb” button. Finally, he pushes the “Bedtime” button to show off all the lights, close the shutters and set the room’s temperature to 19°C

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