Cisco call recoeding solution

Cisco Call Recording may be a centralized call recording solution for Cisco UC platforms perfect for cloud and hosted environments.

Cisco call recording

Advantages of  Cisco call recording

Cisco call recording easy to use, reliable, flexible and at the proper price, dedicated to any company that must record calls either for critical services with legal requirements, for operator training or simply to stay track of important calls.

It offers three recording modes: Always On, to record every call automatically; On Demand, for less than those conversations that require to be recorded, and Live Keep, to start out recording at any time during the call and obtain it registered from the beginning .

Unifiedway Call Recording it’s Cisco  Compatible and it’s also available for subscription on Cisco GPL Solutions

Cisco call recording

How it works

Cisco Unified Communications Manager establishes SIP trunk to MiaRec recording server and notifies the latter when call is started. Cisco IP phone relays RTP media directly to the recorder. Phone can be located in remote location.


Cisco Unified Communications Manager v.8.5.1 or newer

  • Third generation or newer Cisco phones


  • Centralized management from Cisco CM Administration portal
  • Supports geographically distributed environment when phones are located in different network
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