Barco video wall installation

Curved video wall create a spectacular sense of immersion. Especially for larger installations, straight setups aren’t easy to observe fully . you’ll consider a wide type of applications including lobbies, control rooms, experience centers, broadcast studios and simulation & training centers.

Barco video wall installation

Planning on installing a curved video wall with Barco UniSee screens?

Unifiedway can justifiably claim to be the most important supplier in KSA for installing a Barco UniSee video wall. Barco UniSee displays are virtually seamless and feature a unique maintenance system. This enables these displays to be mounted very close to each other

We can create a curved video wall floor solution for Barco UniSee with dedicated adapters that allows a concave curved setup from 0 to 10 degrees, in steps of 1 degree. This features all the major strengths of Barco UniSee, including the optimal automatic alignment in all directions (X, Y, and Z) which Barco is famous fo

Looking for a curved floor-mounted Barco UniSee solution for a client? Install it quickly and easily with Unifiedway.

curved video wall
curved video wall

Guaranteed seamless installation and easy servicing
Considering the difficulties during installation, it’s obvious that servicing curved mounted video walls is challenging. Removing one , central panel is usually impossible, making it necessary to get rid of all the screens to service the video wall, causing a really long service time (up to many days).

Unifiedway curved video wall solution for Barco UniSee takes away these challenges. The flexible UniSee butterfly-shaped mounting adapters make installation easy, with a design that provides a unique way of dismounting one or more screens. during this way, we will still ensure all the unique installation and servicing benefits Bar

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Connect with Unifiedway to install a Barco UniSee video wall

Benefits of Barco UniSee solutions:

  • “Dedicated” UniSee adapter
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular system
  • Integrated cable management
  • TÜV-5 certificication
  • Lightweight aluminium profiles

We offer a full range of leading-edge products and technologies that can be seamlessly integrated to create the most advanced video wall solutions. Choose one display technology or combine multiple platforms to create impressive displays that get noticed. unified way products are backed by industry-leading training, warranties, and technical support for the ultimate peace of mind.

Deploying a video wall should be easy. When you choose Christie, we work with you every step of the way to map out a solution that will bring your vision to reality. Through our expert advice and working alongside our extensive network of partners, determining the Christie video wall solution that best meets your needs is easy

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