Access Control System

We have come a long way since the introduction of the solid key. Access control systems have become a vital security addition for businesses and buildings worldwide. They provide reassurance and safety to millions of individuals. Integrated in physical security entrances, they create the most secure solution for granting access and mitigating unauthorised entry.

access control system

Access control system software

  • is a means of controlling who enters a location and when? The person entering could also be an employee, a contractor,
    or a visitor The purpose of the access control system is to grant entrance toa building or office only to those that authorized to be there
  • for example when logging into a network, although one among its primary uses is to extend security,a physical access system offers many other benefits too Including the improved efficiency of your business processes and site or building management.


Access control software

Importance of Access Control System

Knows who coming and getting

fingerprint-access-control many businesses have the equipment and physical assets that are valuable site An access system keeps track of who’s coming and going to confirm that somebody hasn’t snuck into the building.

Reduce Theft and Accidents

Access control system allows a business to supply only approved or special trained employees access to areas

Keep Track of Employee

If a business has many shifts with large groups of employees coming and going at odd hours, an Access system can help organize the chaos and inform you if an employee is within the building once they shouldn’t be. It can also assist you keep track of


Multi-Property Protection

An integrated access system will allow a business to grant access to employees who need to enter many or all buildings.

Secure Sensitive Documents and Data

Many businesses have documents or data that need to not be accessible to everyone within the corporate access system allows a business to limit access to certain areas that hold hardware or software that this information saved on

No More Worrying About Keys

When an employee quits and fails to return their keys, the business is stuck with the expense of making new keys

Types of access control systems?

Discretionary Access Control (DAC )

Discretionary Access Control (DAC )

 Mandatory Access Control (MAC )

Mandatory Access Control (MAC )

 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

access control system in Saudi Arabia

Control System Component

  • Tight port
  • An electronic lock or savvy lock
  • attractive or electronic card peruser
  • Electronic cards
  • Control board
  • Programming framework
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